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Birch Creek Forest Logo.png
Why do we call Birch Creek Forest the best subdivision by the Lake?

Birch Creek Forest is located in Burleson County, Texas, on Park Road 57 near Lake Somerville's Birch Creek State Park. The subdivision has approximately 1,100 lots and over 400 property owners.


Birch Creek Forest offers amenities such as a swimming pool, trash facilities, a helipad, park area and a community building for gatherings or meetings and is also available to rent for special occasions. The Birch Creek Area Volunteer Fire Department and the Burleson County M.U.D. #1 water district is located within the subdivision.


Birch Creek Forest is a deed restricted community and has an active Board of Directors dedicated to preserving property values. Each Section in Birch Creek Forest is governed by the CCR's of that particular section.


Birch Creek Forest is home to many deer and other wildlife that nonchalantly walk the subdivision's streets, but more importantly, Birch Creek Forest is home to many good people!  Welcome to our neighborhood!


President - Renita Odstrcil

Vice President - Kevin Wallace

Treasurer - Randy Schoener

Secretary - John Dunkleman

Asst. Secretary/Treas.- Dennis Shook


President - Melvin Lehmann

Fire Chief - David Lehmann

First Asst. Fire Chief - Robert C. Ware (Bob)

Second Asst. Fire Chief

Treasurer - Leroy Haby


President - Robert C. Ware (Bob)

Vice President- Malcolm F. Moline, Jr.

Secretary - Louise Shockey

Asst. Secretary - Melvin Lehmann

Director - Greg Wolf

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